Upgrade Challenges Using SCCM & WSUS to get from 1511 to 1607

Seeing all of these new benefits Windows 10 1607 had brought to the table, I thought it would be a good idea to finally get something running in my lab environment through SCCM via the Windows 10 Servicing Plans. Initial experience was quite positive as everything went according to the book without the prior issues experienced in SCCM 1511, where the servicing plan would attempt to download every single copy of Windows 10 on every language known to man kind. Thanks Microsoft, my drive was not worthy of that much data so it filled up.

However, this time the challenges started right away by having to patch WSUS once again with KB3159706 which includes a set of additional annoying steps. Then I experienced additional problems on the client side that led me through loops of depressing troubleshooting steps. This time errors 0x8024200D, 0xC1800118 and 0x80240022 kept coming up on my client machine causing a lot of headaches.

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SCCM 2012 Reporting Database – Out of Control Growth

While cleaning up some data, I ran into some older files that I saved up and had forgotten about. This took place about a year ago,  when I ran into an issue with my SCCM 2012 server where the VM had completely used up all my storage. Not being a production environment I had not pro-actively monitored my home lab server. Yes, yes who would have thought that I would be guilty of not monitoring my server, but then again it’s a lab environment that I run at home. So not so much of a big deal, but the issue appeared to have come out of the box. This means that someone somewhere may be experiencing issues with the System Center Configuration Manager’s Reporting Database growing out of control because by default the database was set to consume 2TBs.

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Building a Home Lab – Part 3 – Benefits

It’s been a while since I made a post due to school and work, but I definitely wanted to finish the last part revolving around the benefits of building a home lab. Previously in Part 1, I talked about the history and hardware requirements to make a home lab. In Part 2, I talked about the design/functionality of a home lab, and now I will be talking about some of the overall benefits with running your own home lab. This post will be a bit wordy and contain a larger number of images to represent some of the technologies I have setup in my home lab environment.

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System Center ConfigMgr 2012 SP2/2012R2 SP1 Upgrade

Microsoft has recently released the System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Service Pack 2 and 2012 R2 Service Pack 1. These can be downloaded oddly from Microsoft’s evaluation page for System Center in a strangely and confusing manner unlike previous service packs. The updates come in two files that also confuse most folks with an awkward naming scheme, which is why so many folks have needed further clarification on their intended use.

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Building a Home Lab – Part 2 – Functionality

In a previous post “Building a Home Lab – Part 1 – Hardware” I talked about why I believe IT professionals benefit from having their own home lab environments. I also talked about the evolution of my home lab from multiple physical servers down to a single physical hypervisor. This single server would run virtual servers as needed and would no longer require expensive switches or complex network storage solutions. Continue reading


XP_EndofLifeI meant to write this much sooner, but I have to say it’s been a busy past few months. In my previous post I wrote about a lot of the thoughts that crossed my mind during my discovery phase. This was a somewhat tedious process that is often forgotten through the project scoping phase and could later cause issues during the execution phase of a project.

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System Center Config Mgr 2012 R2 Hardware Sizing

I’ts been a while since I thought about writing up a detailed article about one of my most recent SCCM 2012 R2 builds for an environment of roughly 120,000 clients and 230,000 users. The main reason I wanted to write about this was mainly due to the lack of information I was able to find during my initial research. When I was first trying to get a feel on how the system should be configured and just how little information I could find pertaining hardware specs.

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SCCM 2012 R2 All Clients with Status Unknown

We recently had an issue where our clients in one of our primary site servers stopped functioning such as receiving windows updates, SCEP definition updates and reporting hardware/software inventory. If anything was deployed it would all come back as status unknown, making this a real annoying feature of centralized management.

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How to Create a WinPE 3.1 Boot Image & Import it to SCCM 2012R2

Microsoft’s SCCM 2012R2 comes with WinPE5.0 by default and due to compatibility issues with Windows XP with that version I have proceeded to utilize WinPE3.1. To get WinPE 3.1’s image imported onto the SCCM2012R2 environment several steps had to be taken to extract the file and import the appropriate drivers before being able to re-import it back into SCCM.

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