Increases in Ransomware Show a Concerning Future

I’m sure we all seen the recent statistical figures talking about an increase in ransomware attacks ranging between 2 to 3 times in 2016 when compared to previous year. While these numbers are already depressing enough, recent events between WannaCry/WannCrypt and ExPetr/Petya/NotPetya have made the situation worse. We seen increase variations of the EternalBlue vulnerability/exploit previously patched in MS17-010. These new ransomware attacks are building on already known vulnerabilities that people are still struggling to patch or properly address as a serious threat.

From what I can see, more companies are being impacted than I would feel comfortable with when gauging the security ecosystem. This leads me to believe that companies are not taking these threats seriously, it’s as if they feel that such occurrence is so far away from their organization that it’s not going to be impact them. It also feels as if people did not understand the “mild” differences between WannaCry/WannaCrypt and ExPetr/Petya/NotPetya, where as I truly felt worried when I saw how NotPetya utilized common administrator tools such as PSExce and WMIC to move laterally. In my eyes I saw more occurrences and variations of such attacks that could be created by more people or groups with i’ll intentions and I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling concerned as more awareness needs to be brought to this issue.

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Recognizing Entrepreneurs

I have been meaning to post something about recent experiences and changes in perception I had about entrepreneurs trying to start their own business. Not that I have started a company myself, but a close acquaintance of mine has recently jumped on the entrepreneurship journey. His story is filled with challenges after challenges that continue to get bigger with the thought of hopefully establishing a stable business that could one day grow into a very successful business. After listening to him, I could see the business goals and think about how close they seem, but also see how an invisible wall of questions and challenges continues to get in the way. It almost makes me wonder if it is even worth it, but I know the answer deep inside because I myself am somewhat envious of his efforts. He is still on his way to success and has expanded his circles of business partners to reach out to as many possible markets in hopes of acquiring clients.

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Going for a Masters Degree

boston-university-logoOver the past few months I have been pretty absent on my blog, most of this is caused by the fact I decided to start working on a masters degree. I put a lot of thought into what university I would attend and put together a list composed of top universities in the country that provide acceptable online degree programs for working professionals. My final pick was Boston University with their Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems focused in Security.

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When to Start a New Job Search


I recently had some time to reflect on a recent discussion with an old acquaintance, about when to start searching for a new job. The discussion went back and forth talking about the perks of staying in a job for a lengthy period of time versus job hoping every year or two. Towards the end of our discussion we both agreed on a few fundamental items.

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