Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS) Update

If you are a Google Apps customer, you may have received a barrage of emails from Google about their API change and how they will stop supporting previous versions of GADS and GAPS. So if you haven’t done so, you have a few days until April 20th, 2015 to complete this upgrade. After April 20th, Google will make their old APIs stop working causing older version of GADS and GAPS to seize functioning. Continue reading

Google Password Synchronization (GAPS)- Gotchas

We recently implemented Google’s Account Password Synchronization (GAPS) 1.1 into our environment. If you are not familiar with the product, it synchronizes passwords changed within Active Directory and a particular domain controller, over to the Google Apps directory on the cloud. This allows our users to use their AD passwords to access their Google Mail with mobile devices leveraging one single password.  Continue reading

Folder Redirection – Files Not Cached

Folder Redirection once thought as the holy grail of user data controls from a Windows point of view, once labeled as the solution to all SYS admin problems with roaming profiles. It may not solve all of our problems, but it does provide sys admins with more robust and flexible means of controlling users data.

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Active Directory – New Objects E-mail Report

Ever wondered if you could get daily reports of new objects that have joined the domain? If so you are in luck, there is a script I was able to obtain from ScriptVault sometime ago that will do basic reporting in a whole new level. I was initially intrigued by the description I knew it had to be something interested, so I proceeded to read through it before testing it out. Several modifications will need to be made so it can fully function in each domain, but once it’s ready it will run without any hiccups. The script will report on all objects created in Active Directory over the past day and email an HTML formatted report.

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