Microsoft Ignite 2018


It’s been quite a while that I was able to blog something, but I was quite happy to attend the Microsoft Ignite 2018 conference in Orlando. Living in Florida made this a nice experience since travel wasn’t too bad and required no airport. I was also very pleased to see and feel more of a centralized vision when it comes to the direction in which Microsoft is going and how they plan to have solutions to meet the needs of their customers while on-premise, in the cloud or both (hybrid).

As always, the MS Ignite conference offers so many sessions that forced me to make decisions during the last minute if I would attend one over the other. However, it was a pleasure to participate in the Configuration Manager discussions AKA hour long AMA session. There were many other sessions that had excellent information, along with a common theme about streamlining the existing tools in place for the IT administrator. This was a refreshing feeling as it felt like there was more cohesion between the product teams and I would feel more comfortable betting on new platforms. Yes i’m talking about you *Project Honolulu*, now known as Windows Admin Center.

Additionally, these are some of  my top highlights :

  • Massive improvements to offline time spent in updates


  • An autopilot self deployment mode


  • Server 2019 feature to perform a storage migration of servers running older OS to newer OS.


  • The ability to have Azure AD banned passwords to on-premise AD


Now i’m just looking forward to recently released Windows 10 1809, and Server 2019 to keep me occupied over the next few months.


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