Recognizing Entrepreneurs

I have been meaning to post something about recent experiences and changes in perception I had about entrepreneurs trying to start their own business. Not that I have started a company myself, but a close acquaintance of mine has recently jumped on the entrepreneurship journey. His story is filled with challenges after challenges that continue to get bigger with the thought of hopefully establishing a stable business that could one day grow into a very successful business. After listening to him, I could see the business goals and think about how close they seem, but also see how an invisible wall of questions and challenges continues to get in the way. It almost makes me wonder if it is even worth it, but I know the answer deep inside because I myself am somewhat envious of his efforts. He is still on his way to success and has expanded his circles of business partners to reach out to as many possible markets in hopes of acquiring clients.

I used to always think that starting up a company was only difficult if you did not have a unique idea. Having worked in IT for so long I thought starting a services/repair company would be quite simple. Well I have to say I was completely wrong and totally underestimated the amount of work, sweat, and effort that it takes to get anything started.


I can now say without a doubt that those who are trying to become entrepreneurs by starting their own business are extremely hardworking and dedicated individuals. They are not afraid to take bigger risk than those who have become complacent in their regular 40/hour jobs and know what it is to swim against the current to see their goals be accomplished. Therefore, it is my honest opinion that not enough recognition is given to them nor is there enough information available to make this path any easier.

Work, Effort, Patience and Vision

animal-1297461_960_720The amount of work and effort that has to be put up front definitely seems non-rewarding, but one must persevere against all odds to get started. The amount of patience is clearly critical as everything doesn’t happen overnight. Dealing with paperwork, legal requirements, business registration rules, restrictions and most importantly knowing who to talk are often learned by trial and error. Having a vision seems necessary but one can get away with expertise for a period of time before a clear vision is 100% necessary.

How does someone feel after spending all their free time in their business?  Overworked, overloaded, tired and sometimes abused. However, the feeling and joy that is experienced after being able to successfully reach their goal is quite priceless. Therefore, it is why I thought an honest rant would somehow shine some light into the challenges and hopefully inspire those willing to take the risk to continue to move forward. Do not give up, reach out to your friends and acquaintances about how your business idea can become successful. Stay positive and don’t lose track of your initial business idea.

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