Windows 10 Group Policies

If you haven’t already been testing Windows 10 in a lab environment or semi-production walled garden. Be sure to check out the group policy spreadsheets released by Microsoft. These nifty spreadsheets are useful guides to system administrators that want to review all of the new policies that come out of the box with Windows 10. 

Be sure to download them from the Microsoft Download Center:

In addition to these spreadsheets and the standard Administrative Templates ADMX files that are shipped with Windows 10, Microsoft has now released additional Admin templates. The following ADMX files can be obtained from the Microsoft Download Center:

  • Fileserverssagent.admx
  • grouppolicypreferences.admx
  • gamedvr.admx
  • terminalserver-server.admx
  • userdatabackup.admx
  • deliveryoptimization.admx
  • grouppolicy-server.admx
  • mmcsnapins1.admx
  • textinput.admx
  • windowsserver.admx


The templates will need to be downloaded and copied out of the standard Program Files\Microsoft Group Policy\Windows 10\PolicyDefinitions\ to the Policy Definitions Central Store for them to be available within your active directory environment.


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