Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS) Update

If you are a Google Apps customer, you may have received a barrage of emails from Google about their API change and how they will stop supporting previous versions of GADS and GAPS. So if you haven’t done so, you have a few days until April 20th, 2015 to complete this upgrade. After April 20th, Google will make their old APIs stop working causing older version of GADS and GAPS to seize functioning.

The new update for GAPS brings aboard welcomed changes where events are now stored within the Windows event viewer instead of convoluted log files. There are also improvements to issues I talked about in a previous post, where large environments will be forced to utilized separate accounts. In this case we can expect environments with under 20 Domain Controllers to not have any issues, but will most likely require larger enterprises to create additional accounts to authorize GAPS.

Additional information can be found under the What’s New in Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS) Google Support page.

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