When to Start a New Job Search


I recently had some time to reflect on a recent discussion with an old acquaintance, about when to start searching for a new job. The discussion went back and forth talking about the perks of staying in a job for a lengthy period of time versus job hoping every year or two. Towards the end of our discussion we both agreed on a few fundamental items.

  • You need to give yourself a professional short term and long term goal.
  • You need to enjoy what you do to.
  • You need to feel challenged in your job to avoid feeling bored.
  • You need to feel you are being paid accordingly based on a realistic assessment of your professional job related skills.
  • You need to feel like you are being treated good.

These are just my personal thoughts on what can make someone stay at a job for a lengthier period of time. If you feel you are not being paid accordingly, treated good, enjoying work, moving ahead in a career or just not being challenged enough then this is when you will start thinking about changing jobs. I know we all have thoughts about changing positions from time to time and from my own experience, having switched jobs a bit during the past five years. The majority of the time if done for the right reasons, its definitely worth it.

I hear from folks about how miserable they are in positions or how underpaid they feel and nobody treats them with respect. To these folks I say, go ahead and move on. There is nothing stopping them from changing jobs outside of their own fears of moving on. Now, I’m not saying just quit your job and go look for something after. Instead make it a process in which you begin looking for a job and set a goal for yourself about getting a new position in hopefully something you feel will be the right path.

Do be careful by being blinded by pay when a new position may not entirely workout for you. However, if you have a professional plan that will require you to work extra hard for a period of time to move ahead then don’t keep waiting because we don’t always get second chances at great opportunities.

Everything aside, this is just a short rant.

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